After only 14 months Ivana Alawi reaches 10 million subscribers in Youtube

Ivana Alawi Celebrating her 10 million subscribers on YouTube by giving back, from what she has earned over the past year on the video platform.

Ivana said : “So guys so si mona alam niya na hindi kami mag cecelabrate ng bonggang bongga for 10million kasi ang sinabi ko sa kanya was ayoko gumastos ng malaking malaki kasi parang i rather ipamigay nalang yun kaysa mag ano kami ng engrandeng celebration.”.

After  having a meal prepare by her siblings Hashim and Mona and with her mother Fatima, Ivana then goes to the mall  and personally shopped all of the goods and items. She decides to give  Christmas baskets, which she later on made her own customized Christmas basket  because she think that some items in the baskets are not the essential needs. Then distributed to street dwellers and streets vendor. Aside from the Christmas basket and fruits she also gave P10,000 to each of them.

For her viewers and supporters on YouTube, Ivana announced that she will be giving 10 scholarships in partner with a college institution. She would pick coming from the comment section in her YouTube video.

For Ivana charity has been apart of her daily life. Helping less fortunate people and also shared relief goods to typhoon victims in Cagayan and Isabela.

Ivana’s beauty is not only seen in the outside but also in the inside. She has a big heart to all the people who are in need. 

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